Advances in Long Term Care Medicine

Telehealth: Expanding the Reach of Care

July 21, 201415 min
Hosted by: Eric Tangalos
Guest: Dan Osterweil
Telehealth refers to the constantly evolving tools and technologies used to care for patients remotely. These technologies can be applied in many types of clinics, including long-term care facilities, to improve patient access to care and reduce healthcare costs. Dr. Dan Osterweil, clinical professor in the department of geriatrics at the David Geffen School of Medicine at University of California Los Angeles, and medical director for Silverado Senior Living in Calabasas, California, joins host Dr. Eric Tangalos to discuss some of the current practical applications of telehealth, ways to overcome barriers to implementation and the future outlook for remote care. How can telehealth be particularly beneficial  to long-term care patients and providers? What are some of the limitations to the use of telemedicine while managing elderly patients? Can telehealth effectively replace in-person exams, are the technologies be

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