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Dying in America: A Focus on Palliative Care

December 23, 201513 min
Host: John J. Russell, MD

Guest: James A. Tulsky, M.D.

Palliative care is associated with a higher quality of life; better communication, access to home care, emotional and spiritual support, well-being and dignity, and care at time of death; and lighter symptom burden. And some evidence suggests that, on average, palliative care and hospice patients may live longer than similarly ill patients who do not receive such care. However, although professional guidelines and expert advice increasingly encourage specialists to counsel patients about palliative care, widespread adoption of timely referral to palliative care appears slow. Health professionals are not always adequately prepared to deliver basic palliative care to patients who are not currently hospitalized or do not require specialty palliative care. Join host Dr. John Russell as he speaks about palliative care with Dr. James Tulsky, a member of the committee that wrote Dying in America: Improving Quality and Honorin

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