Clinician's Roundtable

Toward a "Family-Centered' Approach to Cesarian Deliveries

December 4, 201515 min
Host: Renée Simone Yolanda Allen, MD, MHSc., FACOG

Guest: Patrice L Basanta-Henry, MD, MHSc, FACOG

Cesarian sections are among the most common surgical procedures performed in the U.S. Yet despite its commonality, patients undergoing cesarian deliveries are far more likely to have difficult and unsatisfatcory birth experiences, leading to higher incidence rates of postpartum depression, bonding difficulties, and unsuccessful breast feeding. A novel approach to address this issue is being called the "family-centered" cesarian delivery. How does it work, and what are the distinct differences from traditional protocols? Host Dr. Renee Allen welcomes Dr. Patrice Basanta Henry, practicing Ob-Gyn & MFM at Atlanta Maternal Fetal Medicine, an affiliate of Mednax National Medical Group. Dr. Basanta-Henry’s clinical interests include intrauterine growth restriction and endocrine disorders in pregnancy.

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