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Recommending Physical Activity for Your Diabetes Patients

November 3, 201415 min
Hosted by: Jennifer Shu
Guest: Jill Grimes
In the state of Texas, patients can buy home exercise equipment without sales tax if they present a medical script written by their healthcare provider, at the time of purchase. Is this benefit available in your state? Host Dr. Jennifer Shu welcomes Dr. Jill Grimes, a practicing board-certified family physician in Austin, Texas, and an associate editor of the 5-Minute Clinical Consult textbook, to explore key strategies to get your patients with diabetes to do their best to keep fit. Exercise as a daily commitment is a tough proposition for many of our patients, with work, family, and other activities all competing for their time. Many patients also battle a kind of personal inertia about exercise, just as others perceive constraints imposed by chronic diseases like diabetes. How can you tailor your discussions about exercise to resonate with your patients?

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