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3D Imaging for Stroke-Inducing Carotid Artery Disease

February 24, 20145 min
Hosted by: Larry Kaskel
Guest: Alan Moody
Can three-dimensional MRI help us measure potential risks for stroke associated with an intraplaque hemorrhage? We are rapidly learning more about the significance of intraplaque hemorrhage, and its role in cardiac and cerebrovascular disease. A better look at potential trouble spots could allow for earlier detection of an impending event, even in relatively asymptomatic individuals. Dr. Alan Moody, professor in the department of medical imaging at the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine, shares his perspective on 3D MRI as an important tool to lead us in this direction. On a related note, Dr. Moody also provides some insight on what we can do patients with an intraplaque hemorrhage who is already on a statin, aspirin or another therapy to reduce their risk of having this happen again. Dr. Larry Kaskel hosts.

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