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Utility of Coronary Angiography Before and After CABG

February 17, 20145 min
Hosted by: Mark Nolan Hill
Guest: John Byrne
Cardiac surgery is one of just a few medical specialties where before-and-after imaging is not yet standard. As surprising as this may seem, the effect on procedural outcomes is not surprising: current strategies for intraoperative graft assessment, for example, are not detecting all of the defects in the grafts we implant. How can we change this practice, and how can an innovative, hybrid catheterization lab-turned-operating room help us do this? Dr. John Byrne, professor of surgery and chair of cardiac surgery at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, takes us inside this distinctive operating theatre and details the improvements in graft-defect detection seen by his team at Vanderbilt. Dr. Mark Nolan Hill hosts.

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