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Knee Resurfacing: Another Option for Early Osteoarthritis?

July 6, 201415 min
Hosted by: Mark Nolan Hill
Guest: Anthony Miniaci
Early arthritis of the knee is a frustrating and painful condition, especially for our more active patients. Some will begrudgingly accept the end of their adult sports league careers, others will be less inclined to hang up their sneakers. In this case, depending on the severity of the condition, there could be several procedural options, including a new arthroscopic resurfacing technique for those with less severe arthritis: could this be the quickest route back to the playing field? Dr. Anthony Miniaci, executive director of Cleveland Clinic Sports Health and one of the developers of this new procedure, explains why this procedure could be the answer for patients who have failed all biologic procedures, but are not yet ready for a total knee replacement. Which of your patients might be a candidate? Dr. Mark Nolan Hill hosts.

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