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Global Disparities in Arrhythmia Management

August 4, 201415 min
Hosted by: Janet Wright
Guest: Christian Wolpert
It's one thing to produce guidelines, and quite another to encourage guideline adherence. The first step in this might be to gather data about current practices, and then determine ways to standardize treatment and increase access to quality therapy. The European Heart Rhythm Association (a branch of the European Society of Cardiology) conducts an ambitious annual survey of the management of arrhythmia in dozens of European and neighboring countries, which is intended to be a foundation toward standardizing quality of care. Dr. Christian Wolpert, medical director of the department of medicine-cardiology, nephrology and internal intensive care medicine, at Klinikum Ludwigsburg in Ludwigsburg, Germany, and chairman of the National Sciences Committee of the European Society of Cardiology, explains to host Dr. Janet Wright that the disparities are not directly correlated to a country's wealth, but rather, a variety of other factor

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