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On Paper: The Evolution of Medical Media

July 29, 201315 min
Hosted by: Lisa Dandrea Lenell
Guest: Gary Falcetano
As the medical publishing industry evolves, and journals expand into non-print new media, it's a good time to explore the function of medical journals in the professional lives of PAs and NPs. Will the experience of receiving a journal in the mail soon be a thing of the past? What do we get out of print media that we don't get online, and vice versa? And, in addition to clinical practice information, what can the engaged reader get out of the publications they read? PA Gary Falcetano, publisher of Clinician Reviews and Emergency Medicine, joins host Lisa Dandrea Lenell to discuss the relevance of PA/NP journals, their evolution in the 21st century, and a model for an engaged journal reader.

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