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Postprandial Blood Glucose: Diabetes Control & Complications

July 8, 201317 min
Hosted by: Farhad Zangeneh
Guest: Paul Jellinger
In diabetes management, clinicians typically measure glycemic control with fasting plasma glucose (FPG) and premeal glucose measurements, and HbA1c.  And, the goals for each of these measurements have been established based on the results of many clinical trials. However, the majority of patients with diabetes fail to achieve these glycemic goals. Elevated postprandial glucose (PPG) concentrations may contribute to suboptimal glycemic control. Host Dr Farhad Zangeneh is joined by Dr. Paul Jellinger who will address the issue of postprandial glucose and its complications.
Paul S. Jellinger, MD and Master of the American College of Endocrinology (MACE) serves as Professor of Medicine on the voluntary faculty at the University of Miami and served as Chief of the Section of Endocrinology at Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, Florida. Dr. Jellinger served as president of the AACE, the ACE and the F

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