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From Georgia — A Pioneer in Reproductive Medicine

April 28, 20141 sec
Hosted by: Gary Epstein
Guest: Dorothy Mitchell-Leef
Dr. Dorothy Mitchell-Leef tells host Gary Epstein why she decided to go into medicine, despite the lack at the time of female physician role models, details many of the changes she has seen in the evolution of the role of women in medical practice. She also discusses the changes in reproductive medicine she has seen and worked on. Her practice had the very first IVF baby born in Georgia, the first ICSI baby in the United States, as well as the first frozen egg pregnancy in the United States, the first gestational pregnancy in Georgia, and other firsts.
This week's guest was nominated by the Medical Association of Georgia — whose mission is to enhance patient care and the health of the public by advancing the art and science of medicine and representing physicians and patients in policy-making processes

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