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From Texas — A Pediatrician Tackles Childhood Obesity

March 29, 201115 min
Host: Gary Epstein, MD
Guest: Kimberly Avila Edwards, MD
An obese child has an 80 percent chance of staying obese throughout their lifetime. The children that Texas pediatrician Dr. Kimberly Avila Edwards saw in her practice, combined with statistics showing her home state had an even higher childhood obesity rate than the already-high national average, prompted Dr. Avila Edwards to leave her general pediatric practice to devote herself to the fight against childhood obesity. In her conversation with host Gary Epstein, Dr. Avila Edwards notes she was completely unprepared by medical school to deal with obesity, and its related health problems, in children. They discuss Dr. Avilla Edwards' efforts to collaborate, and in some cases create her own resources, in order to work with children and their families. This week's guest was nominated by the Texas Medical Association — America's largest state medical association.

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