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A Medical Entrepreneur: The Pearls & Pitfalls

April 21, 201417 min
Hosted by: Tim Rush
Guest: Jeffrey M. McFarlane
Host, Tim Rush, is joined by Jeffrey M. McFarlane, ARNP, who will be discussing how he became a medical entrepreneur. They review the need in the medical marketplace, how Jeffrey developed the idea and prototypes and finally, the pearls and pitfalls in becoming an inventor. 
Jeffrey M. McFarlane is a Nurse Practitioner and  started his career in nursing at Indian River State College in Fort Pierce, Florida, graduating with an Associates degree in Nursing Sciences in 1997. After a few years of prototyping, design changes, and vibration research he developed an effective first generation prototype which he calls the V.I.A. (Vibration Induced Analgesia) Comfort Clip. Currently, he is using the device for allergy shots, pediatric immunizations, lab draws, and joint pain related to arthritis, and injuries of the hand. It also is being used for pain management and physical therapy of the hands and wrists.

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