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Law and Disorder. Week of 12/3/13

December 4, 201357 min
Jeremy Hammond Sentenced to 10 Years With 3 Additional Years of Supervised Probation Jeremy Hammond and Barrett Brown Were Outspoken In Exposing Corporate Collusion With The Government In Conducting Intelligence Sarah Kunstler Argument On Behalf Of Jeremy Hammond 2014- gerardo_garbus222 ht-support-14 The Cuban Five Case Update: Attorney Martin Garbus We2019re joined today by prominent First Amendment attorney Martin Garbus to get an update on the Cuban Five case. Martin joined the case of the Cuban Five last year and had concentrated his efforts to expose how U.S. government paid journalists in Miami received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the office of Cuba broadcasting to slant the story against the Cuban Five. There2019s a lot going on with the case lately such as a habeas corpus appeal, and a NSA / FISA related motion.

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