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Dr John Poothullil

April 8, 20165 min
Dr. John Poothullil:

Dr. John Poothullil, MD, practiced medicine for more than 30 years. He became interested in understanding diet and nutrition, and how it leads to Type 2 diabetes, and he has spent more
than 20 years researching and studying these subjects. Along the way, he realized that the common theory of “insulin resistance” as the cause of Type 2 diabetes is illogical. In his
research, he saw that there is another body metabolism that can fully explain high blood sugar and Type 2 diabetes, and his ideas can help you prevent yourself from developing the life-
threatening condition of diabetes and even reverse it if you have already been diagnosed. He recently published a book called Eat, Chew, Live: 4 Revolutionary Ideas to Prevent Diabetes,
Lose Weight, and Enjoy Food. Today, we will talk to him about his explanation of Type 2 diabetes and what you can do to ensure you do not become a diabetic.

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