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#LTT-Listen To This Top 5 - The Boaty McBoatface edition...

March 27, 201610 min
Hi everyone...Sharon here with the Show Notes:

* First up we have a warning for anyone (I'm looking at you guys...primarily) that use Axe Body Spray. Please...think about this story will show.
* We had a query from a listener about hanging out in your pajamas all day...kind of like Hugh Hefner. So we thought we'd as Siri for her usual...some tough love from our favorite advice giver.
* We also have a really bizarre story about a guy who decided it would be a good idea to take his dead mother to the bank. We can't make this stuff up...
* What happens when you ask the Internet for help? doesn't always go the way you might British officials found out when they asked for help in naming their new research boat. But...the internet has spoken!
* Finally...once again proving crooks really are really stupid. Check out what these women tried to steal...then you'll ask your self just as we did...why?!

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