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#LTT - Listen To This with Cliff & Sharon Episode 57 - Warnings from Rio

August 14, 201610 min
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Hi - Sharon with the Show Notes for Episode 57. A reminder...all these stories are true and will make you wonder about the world we live in.

*How's this for an idea...a bar that has introduced a no mobile phones and no wi-fi policy. And they're going to some pretty extreme lengths to enforce it.
*We have another garden gnome that's been on a world tour and has finally come back home. Quite extraordinary.
*Just FYI...the TSA has enough really do. So leave them at home when travelling....
*So there's this guy that was arrested the other day for driving his car...standing up How do you even do that...???
*'Please don't fish in the toilet'...just one of the warnings our athletes got on their arrival in Rio. What the???

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