Advocacy Heals U

Advocacy Heals U: 1978 Jonestown Tragedy Survivor

August 29, 201650 min
If you were alive in '78, you'll remember the horrific Jonestown suicide/murder in Guyana of 914 American men, women and children...members of the Peoples Temple led by Jim Jones. Guest Laura Johnston Kohl, author of Jonestown Survivor, is one of only 87 survivors. The first of two interviews, Laura explains how she helped plan the move of her family/friends in the Temple from California to Guyana--only to meet their tragic death because of a power-mad leader. "I am very different than the somewhat frivolous and confused twenty-two year old young person, who walked through the front door of Peoples Temple in 1970. I am stronger and wiser, but also damaged." Co-host Chris Jerry ( Host Joni Aldrich. Advocacy Heals U, the book, is available at online bookstores.

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