Steps To Salvation
Israeli-born entrepreneur Shlomo Attia discusses his vision for improving life on earth on his weekly broadcast. After a Near Death Experience transformed his outlook on religion, politics, justice, and vital industries, Shlomo published his acclaimed historical fiction/spiritual thriller, Steps to Salvation, to present his ideas in an entertaining way. Now, on his radio show, he delves into greater detail Tune in for a passionate and ground-breaking take on the hottest topics of the day! This show is broadcast live on Tuesday's at 4PM ET on W4CY Radio – ( part of Talk 4 Radio ( on the Talk 4 Media Network (
US Leadership: Courage or Cowardice?

January 18, 201948 min

48 min
Early Christianity

December 21, 201850 min

50 min
No Religion on the Other Side

December 12, 201850 min

50 min
Karma and Individual Karma

December 5, 201850 min

50 min
Shlomo Talks "Shit Hole" Politicians

November 28, 201850 min

50 min
No Hell, USA Needs Balls Not Walls

November 21, 201850 min

50 min
Homelessness: End Times, Salvation Time

November 14, 201849 min

49 min
White House Museum, Real Estate

November 7, 201850 min

50 min
Nazi Jews, Illegal Immigration & War

November 1, 201850 min

50 min
Nazi Jews, Citizens Lottery, Immigration

October 24, 201850 min

50 min