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What is Taoism at work and life?

April 9, 201450 min
Have you ever found someone at work seriously irritating? How do you effectively manage two people who are fighting at work or home? Or a conflict your are having with another person at work or home? Power plays are most common, but what are some other options that we can learn from the Tao? How do we live and act (do) in harmony with what wants to happen according to the Tao? Join CJ as she talks to Robert Rosenbaum author of "Walking the Way: 81 Zen Encounters with the Tao Te Ching" as we discuss on the radio how to handle conflict at home and at work where you'll get some sample role plays, some metaphors to think abstractly about the problem, and a step process to try next time you are about to react to a situation without intention and consciousness. The YouTube video challenges our belief in the West that more is better, but how the endless pursuit of more can be an endless and tireless way of NOT living life.

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