15 months in captivity, taking a midlife gap year, savvy socializing, an encyclopedia of lady things, benefits of yoga!

March 12, 201552 min
The Power of Perseverance - By the age of 27, Amanda Lindhout had traveled to more than 50 countries, backpacking on a low budget and often alone. Amanda had carved out a fledgling career as a TV reporter when she went to Somalia, where she and a photojournalist were abducted by a group of masked men carrying AK 47s. In her memoir, A House in the Sky, Amanda recounts her 15 months in captivity where she was subjected to horrific abuse, and how she mustered the strength and resilience to come through her ordeal unbroken, and even find compassion and forgiveness in the face of unimaginable adversity.

Midlife Gap Year? - Let's face it - we boomers are a burned-out bunch. Giving ourselves the "gift of time" to explore different options and plan for the next phase, seems a luxury for others to enjoy. That's exactly what a career break is for, says Jaye Smith, co-author of Reboot Your Life. Jaye advocates taking a midlife break to relax, re-energize and figure out how to launch into the next phase of life.

Savvy Social Skills - These days, there are a mind-boggling number of ways to "meet" and engage with others, both personally and professionally - Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But the actual aspect of networking face-to-face, remains the best way to connect, and most people are overwhelmed by the thought of it! In How to Work a Room, Susan RoAne shares tips for savvy socializing, whether at a party, a conference, or at the office, and she offers practical advice for starting conversations and strengthening rapport with strangers.

Encyclopedia of Lady Things! - The Book of Jezebel is an entertaining feminist cultural commentary packed full of contributions from the raucous and witty website, Jezebel, whose tagline reads: "Celebrity, Sex, Fashion for Women, without airbrushing!" New York Times columnist and founding Editor, Anna Holmes, shares all things Jezzie!

Namaste - Yoga is quickly becoming the power workout for boomers! Johnny Gillespie, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Registered Yoga Teacher, and the founder of Plexus Fitness and Empowered Yoga shares the many benefits of yoga!

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