Atomic city, navigating breast cancer, beauty foods, great sex, and all about the weather!

April 1, 201552 min
Atomic City Exposed - In The Girls of Atomic City, Denise Kiernan tells the little-known story of thousands of young women who were recruited to live in a secret city and work on a secret mission. Without knowing it they found themselves in the midst of a remarkable time in our history. Denise joins us to share the story of these amazing women!

The New ABC's - Three years ago, veteran journalist and Executive Editor for NPR News, Madhulika Sikka was diagnosed with breast cancer. Along this voyage, Madhulika discovered that she had a lot to offer others navigating the same course. Her witty, challenging, and informative book is called A Breast Cancer Alphabet.

Face Friendly Foods! - It's pretty safe to say that all of us want to look our very best, and we wouldn't mind spending less on beauty products to do so. According to celebrity aesthetician Scott-Vincent Borba, we need search no further than our own kitchen pantries. In Cooking Your Way to Gorgeous, Scott-Vincent tells how to become "beauty foodies," and shares user-friendly recipes to ingest internally and apply topically.

Secrets to a Long Life of Great Sex - Iris Krasnow has made a career out of getting women to reveal their most private details about their relationships. In her latest book, Sex After..., this best-selling author and communications professor, offers a roadmap for navigating obstacles that affect the most intimate of human relationships - sex.

All About the Weather! - Robert Lautzenheiser began working for the weather bureau in 1940, and he rose through the ranks to become the state climatologist for northern and central New England. Now, 98 years old, Mr. Lautzenheiser continues to take his own official weather observations from his home in Reading, Massachusetts, and gives us some perspective on all of our crazy weather!

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