Having a long life, guardian of the Golden Gate, "Believe It or Not!", and living the cloistered life

May 29, 201552 min
A Short Guide to a Long Life - Dr. David Agus, one of the world's leading cancer physicians and researchers, chronicled innovative steps we can take to prevent illness and prolong our lives in the bestselling book, The End of Illness. Most recently, Dr. Agus has written A Short Guide to a Long Life, a concise handbook for healthy everyday living. He gives us simple steps to live a long and healthy life.

A Boomer's Second Act - Kevin Briggs, a 23 year veteran of the California Highway Patrol, is fondly known as "Guardian of the Golden Gate Bridge," having personally talked hundreds of people out of jumping to their death from this majestic site. Kevin joins us to talk about his work and the incredible opportunities that have come from it.

Believe It or Not! - For over 30 years, Edward Meyer has scoured the world collecting over 20,000 museum relics, unusual stories, and unbelievable artifacts to fill Ripley's Believe It or Not! books and museums. Ed joins the Babes to share some of this year's gross, hilarious, and over-the-top tales!

Nunsense! - In And Then There Were Nuns, Jane Christmas chronicles her year-long quest to see if she could live the cloistered life. Jane shares what she learned along the way, the ups and downs of being a nun, and even some surprising findings!

Undertaking and Playboy Posing! - The unusual careers of some boomerbabes never cease to amaze us! For over 30 years Alexandra Mosca has served as a female funeral director, one of the few in the industry. During her tenure, she posed for Playboy Magazine and joins us to share anecdotes and life in the funeral biz.

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