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September 22, 201554 min

Julia Scheeres, author of A Thousand Lives: The Untold Story of Hope, Deception, and Survival at Jonestown, provides new insights into the largest mass suicide of modern times. Through newly released FBI documents and interviews with survivors, Julia recounts how decent people can be taken in by a charismatic and crazed tyrant.
Prime Time!

To many, the term "middle age" conjures up an image of being "past our prime," and we're suddenly reduced to a punchline! But according to New York Times reporter Patricia Cohen, the idea of middle age is simply a manufactured stage of modern life. In her new book In Our Prime: The Invention of Middle Age, Patricia tells us why it can be the best years of our lives and a time of "extravagant possibilities."
Vern's House!

Vern Yip has designed his way across America - making over homes and restaurants for TLC's Trading Spaces and NBC's Home Intervention. Vern shares his latest project, Live in Vern's House, and gives affordable tips on how to renovate and update just about any space!

There's controversy brewing about an annual ritual for middle-aged men: the prostate-specific antigen test, or PSA test, which screens for early prostate cancer. However, according to recent studies, the routine PSA testing may not save lives, and instead, result in healthy men receiving unnecessary treatment that can injure, or even kill them. In the thick of the discussion is Dr. Richard Ablin, a Professor of Pathology at the University of Arizona College of Medicine, the author of The Great Prostate Hoax, and the scientist often cited as having discovered the prostate-specific antigen.
Re-energize Your Workday!

If you're like us Babes, you're glued to your chair in front of a computer screen for hours each day or sitting in long meetings where walking around just isn't an option. So how do we get our blood flowing and reactivate those brain cells while stuck in a chair? Susan Shane, a licensed acupuncturist and wellness lecturer, shares exercises to keep us moving and motivated!

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