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January 29, 201552 min
Little Rock Nine - The pictures of solemn African-American students, escorted by federal troops, surrounded by screaming angry mobs, reveal one of the most shameful chapters in U.S. history. Somehow, the Little Rock Nine would be undeterred, and their incredible courage and determination would transform our educational system and our country. Carlotta Walls Lanier, the youngest of the group, chronicles it all in A Mighty Long Way: My Journey to Justice at Little Rock Central High School and shares her incredible story firsthand.

Breaking Back Pain - Dr. Chad Patton, a spinal surgeon with Anne Arundel Medical Center in Annapolis, Maryland, gives us the 4-1-1 on how to prevent back pain, and how long we should grin and bear it before getting a pro involved.

The Art of Living Well - There are many places to look for guidance to living a life of meaning and purpose. But according to cultural historian Roman Krznaric, we should look to history for inspiration, and when we do, it can be surprisingly powerful. In How Should We Live: Great Ideas from the Past for Everyday Life, Roman explores "practical history" and gives us insight into what the past can teach us about the art of living today.

Files of a Family Lawyer - It seems like society and cultural norms are changing rapidly. Is it hard for the law and a family lawyer to keep up with all of them? Margaret Klaw has been a family lawyer for almost three decades and is a founding partner of Berner Klaw & Watson in Philadelphia. Margaret is also the author of Keeping It Civil and shares her experiences in the legal trenches.

Wine Down - Do you ever wonder what is the difference between a pinot noir and a pinotage? Or, perhaps, which wines pair nicely with spicy foods or chocolate? Melanie Wagner, a certified sommelier and author of Hello Wine, spills all things vino!

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