Everybody Hates Ramsay (FanBrosShow Special Delivery)

May 18, 201536 min
Everybody Hates Ramsay? I bet you wish young Joffrey was still around now don't you? Poor Sansa Stark just can't catch a break, and Theon might be right behind Ramsay for most hated at this point. Theon definitely was right behind Ramsay last night when... well let's wait til you listen to the episode as Chico & Kimson discuss the latest soul stealing moment on Game Of Thrones as well as the happenings on Penny Dreadful & The Flash. Plus a special shout out to Orphan Black & Mad Men as we finally come to the end of the illustrious career of Don Draper. Tune in to FanBros and make sure you tell a friend to tell a friend about the wonderful world of the voice of the urban geek.

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