How To Deal With Donald

November 10, 201695 min
How To Deal With Donald aka Speaking Of ButtFaces... yes folks we are indeed living in the darker timeline but the FanBrosShow is here to bring some light, love, and laughter into your life as we all struggle to deal with donald and our new reality. We had to go deep into the darkness to find the third of the trio and on this very special episode the Litting Tribunal is reunited with Chico Leo making his triumphant return to the spaceship. BenHaMeen, Tatiana & Chico are all here to remind you that life goes on and even though we seem to take two steps back we must remember the words of Pop: Always Forward.


The list of organizations that we mentioned in the show that are currently contributing to the fight against ignorance are:

Please leave comments with suggestions, ideas, and places where we can all help to fight against the foolishness.
Thank you for listening.

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