Marvel Loves White Men (Special Delivery)

November 7, 201651 min
We already know Marvel Loves White Men, but the real question is do they hate Asian men? Why does Wong get the shaft in Doctor Strange? Why does Benhameen identify more with Baron Mordo than with Stephen Strange himself? Does Illa's argument for all sizes matter hold up? This and more will all make sense to you as we get down and dirty with Doctor Strange, The Walking Dead, Flash, Legends Of Tomorrow and much more on another instant classic episode of Special Delivery.
We bid a fond farewell to the first season of Atlanta and two brothers speak on why Insecure is one of the best shows in television today.
Benhameen also takes back any love for Legends Of Tomorrow as the latest episode is the most trifling use of slavery as a storytelling device since well just say ever.
Some mild spoilers for Doctor Strange in the episode from 10:00 to 21:00. Also an incredible discussion that you need to hear so if you haven't peeped Strange make sure you do and then listen to FanBros.

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