SlamBros: Affirmative Action Beneficiary (ft @thechicoleo)

December 9, 201661 min
The WWE’s endless gauntlet of Pay Per Views continues, fear not The Slambros have returned for the 13th episode and once again are bringing friends. This week Boman and YC are joined by non-other than The Chico Leo for a special Lucha Underground review. In the dirt sheets this week, Linda McMahon’s donations finally pays off into a cabinet position in the Trump administration. Mickie Jamie is once again a WWE employ. Lastly, Finn Balor has a hopeful date for his return. Hint it’s in Orlando but not NXT.

Chico Leo -- for his Slambros debut -- watches professional wrestling for the first time in decades, as he is included fantastical world of Lucha Underground. Robert Rodriguez’s little promotion that could has captured the hearts of many, would Chico love it as well? Boman and Chico break down all the little things that make Lucha Underground a treat to viewers and how it can even hook causal wrestling fans.

The past week saw another brand specific PPV, TLC, once again the ladies and gentlemen of Smackdown delivered a solid show. Rusev continues to be the best hero on WWE television and Seth Rollins finally gets around to calling out Triple H from months ago on RAW. While parts of RAW are hard to remember, YC takes special note of all the affirmative action beneficiaries still kicking in the WWE. This week also saw YC taking a trip to Smackdown Live and having a grand time. YC reflects on his experiences sitting ringside, the differences being at a show live then watching on TV and how not to be a gump while trying to holla at the Valets. Listen to the show and follow us on Twitter at SlamBrosPod!

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Digging in the Dirt 00:50
Lucha Underground with Chico Leo 11:40
TLC Reflections 37:33
RAW Recap 43:21
Smackdown Live 50:25
Question of the Week Outro 1:00:12

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