SlamBros: #BlackExcellence feat. @megaran

December 23, 201667 min
The Slambros have made it to the end of the year! No worries here folks, we won’t attack you if you tag your friends and your success #BlackExcellence. The Slambros return for the 18th 14th episode. For the second time in a row Boman12L and Illa YC are joined by a guest, rapper extraordinaire Mega Ran! The new Trio’s champions drive right into the dirt sheets, examining injury reports on Zack Ryder, WWE’s UK tournament, Booker T’s announcement he’s running for mayor of Houston, Illa YC’s own announcement he’s running for mayor of Houston and why being threatened by #BlackExcellence is ridiculous.
Roadblock: End of the Line was the last WWE PPV of 2016 and being a WWE PPV, feelings are mixed about the overall show. Sasha vs Charlotte 27, Kevin Owen vs Mr. Too Much Conditioner, Seth Rollins vs Chris Jericho, all good matches but matches we are seeing too often. Boman struggles to recap RAW. The highlight being the toy cage they are trying to sell. In the main segment, the trio reflect on their favorite moments and matches of 2016. What will make the cut, will it just be WWE content or will some Lucha Underground or New Japan moments make the list? You’ll have to listen to find out!

3:00 Digging in the Dirt
25:44 RoadBlock Recap
35:30 RAW Recap
43:58 Favorite Moments of 201
51:59 Favorite Matches
1:04:43 Outro

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