SlamBros: Ironman Boman and The List

September 30, 201632 min
While YC might be training on the far sides of the globe, The Boman is here to hold things down ironman style. RAW’s struggles could not be more real right now. Not only did they have to put on a show after a lackluster PPV, RAW had to complete against the first presidential debate of Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. How did RAW handle the challenge? Not well. The dirt sheets are always filled with intriguing finds. The WWE may want to bring Matt Hardy and his broken brilliance back under the watching eye of “MeekMahan.” Randy Orton jumps in on the Colin Kaepernick debate in a series of tweets. Rounding things out, Ryback is in talks with Bellator for a possible fight. Could this be is another subtle jab at CM Punk? The shade is real out here.

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