The David Pakman Show

The David Pakman Show - April 2, 2014

April 2, 201452 min
On the Show: --A large earthquake hits Chile --The Supreme Court strikes down campaign contribution limits --Obamacare fails to collapse and the conspiracy theories start --Paul Ryan's new budget still includes a repeal of Obamacare --Hatriot Mail --March was the first month without a US combat death in over a decade --Albuquerque police shoot and kill a homeless camper --Louie Gohmert says that the separation of church and state was meant to be a one-way wall --Hobby Lobby invests in "abortion pill" manufacturers --Former Wisconsin Assembly Majority Leader Bill Kramer denies sexual a sexual assault charge claiming he doesn't like fake breasts --Seven or more portions of fruits and vegetables a day may reduce risk of death by 42% --Voicemail on reasonable Republicans and the death penalty –On the Bonus Show: Pheromone parties, Facebook and the Oculus, Love Cloud Vegas, more... --Become a Supporter: --Be a Patreon Patron! –Follow us on Twitter: --Subscribe on YouTube: –Like us on Facebook: -Leave us a message at The David Pakman Show Voicemail Line  (219)-2DAVIDP

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