The David Pakman Show

The David Pakman Show - August 15, 2014

August 15, 201452 min
On the Show: --Classic interview: Phyllis Schlafly, conservative activist, author, and founder of the Eagle Forum, joins David to discuss her views on immigration, and to address comments about Latinos that many found to be offensive --Racial politics: 90% of Republican districts are majority-white --Republican Congressman Steven Palazzo sends a Bible to all 535 members of Congress for "decision making" --Flashback: Senator Ted Stevens is killed in a small plane crash in Alaska, and David worries about his upcoming small plane flight --Flashback: Louis’ comments about belief in the paranormal and predicting the future, as well as psychic mediums and it creates an audience uproar --Flashback: A Kentucky man shoots and kills his wife to ease her pain caused by terminal breast cancer --Audience Question: What are your thoughts on caffeine regulation? --Audience Question: What are some fads or phases David and Louis went through as a child? --Audience Question: What's the deal with New Yor

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