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The David Pakman Show - January 23, 2014

January 23, 201452 min
On the Show: --Everett Ehrlich, former undersecretary of commerce in the Bill Clinton Administration, joins David to discuss the recent net neutrality ruling and high speed internet across the world --Iran says they did not agree to dismantle anything --San Francisco's $10.74 minimum wage has not hurt the economy --A North Carolina Church claims their ad for a Republican fundraiser is legal --Fox News host Anna Kooiman thinks bullying is a "right of passage" --Republicans are trying to help the super-rich by repealing an anti tax-dodging law --The Republican party collapses in Virginia --Tony Perkins says that forcing businesses to serve gays is like forcing gays to go to Church --Christian televangelist Bill Keller tells a caller to commit suicide --Glenn Beck thinks that Bill Nye is acting like those who tried to silence Galileo --An email from Mike to Old Man Mike about our criticism of hatriot grammar and a voicemail on picking the smartest embryo –On the Bonus Show: Survival video games, The FAA gets in the way of Virgin Galactic, North Korea successfully lands a man on the sun, more... --Become a Supporter: --Be a Patreon Patron! –Follow us on Twitter: --Subscribe on YouTube: –Like us on Facebook: -Leave us a message at The David Pakman Show Voicemail Line  (219)-2DAVIDP

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