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The David Pakman Show - June 24, 2014

June 24, 201452 min
On the Show: --Dr. Amy Johnson, psychologist, life coach, and author, joins David to discuss the search for self-actualization, mindfulness and enlightenment in modern society --A drone memo explaining the killing of U.S. citizens is released --Glenn Greenwald 's disclosure of NSA targets is imminent --Earl Catagnus Jr. gives us some of the most deranged criticism of President Obama ever --West Africa's Ebola epidemic --John Balyo, a Christian "pro-family" radio host, is arrested after trying to pay for sex with minors --Rick Sanatorium says that Christians must fight in the war against gay marriage --San Antonio has criminalized Christianity (according to David Barton) --Steven Justin Ayers is killed by a stray bullet as his family welcomes his newborn baby --It is time to end the Cuban Embargo --Voicemail on GOP heroes –On the Bonus Show:France begs Parisians to lighten up with tourists, Followup on the Christian metal rocker who tried to kill his wife, World Cup fans in wheelchairs

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