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The David Pakman Show - October 27, 2014

October 27, 201452 min
On the Show: --Brianna Wu, Head of Development at Giant Spacekat, joins David to discuss the #gamergate controversy and the threats against her; Brianna ends up accusing David of conducting a hit piece interview --New York City Doctor Craig Spencer has tested positive for Ebola...was he irresponsible or brave? --Would mandatory Ebola quarantines be effective, immoral, or even legal? --We call Reza Aslan's views on religion into question --Noteworthy Amazon items --Canada will fast track spying and policing policies in the wake of the Ottawa shooting --Conservative media is suggesting that young women are too dumb to vote --Pat Robertson says that gay people are like terrorists --Voicemail on our "anti-American" show –On the Bonus Show: A suicidal man gets killed by SWAT, an NYPD officer just wants to punch and kick people, a chocolate company's naming woes, Stealing from bus cargo holds, more... --Become a Supporter: --Be a Patreon Patron! http://w

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