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The David Pakman Show April 11, 2016

April 11, 201655 min
On the Show:
--Steve Drain, member and Elder at the Westboro Baptist Church, joins David to discuss rumors that the late Fred Phelps was alienated from the church, the church's views on the 2016 election, and whether there is a new patriarch at the church
--Colorado Republicans decided to select national delegates through the caucus process, which turned the election over to party insiders and activists who handed all delegates to Ted Cruz
--Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders secured another primary win over the weekend in the Wyoming caucus; he was won seven in a row
--Could there be a contested convention for the Democrats?
--Noteworthy Amazon items: Coconut oil, car cassette adapter
--Black Lives Matter protesters interrupted a Bill Clinton speech expressing concern over Hillary Clinton policies that hurt black communities
--Prosecutors say that former Republican House Speaker Dennis Hastert abused four little kids when he was their wrestling coach
--SpaceX has success

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