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The David Pakman Show - April 20, 2015

April 20, 201551 min
On the Show:
--Gad Saad, Professor of Marketing at Concordia University and author of The Consuming Instinct and The Evolutionary Bases of Consumption, joins David to discuss political correctness and the policing of language
--Protests against the TPP are raging in Europe while many Americans have never even heard of it
--Rashida Marie Strober, a black activist, calls for the boycott of rapper Kendrick Lamar because his fiancee is light-skinned
--Brian Klawiter is discovered to be unlicensed after refusing automotive mechanical services to gays
--Joan Cheever finds a way to use a "religious freedom" law in an epic way
--Noteworthy Amazon items: Madison's Music: On Reading the First Amendment by Burt Neuborne, Star Wars collections
--Stories from David's recent trip to Las Vegas
--Rand Paul writes a disgusting tribute to the Koch Brothers
--Chris Christie will crack down on legal marijuana if he his President
--Mike Huckabee announces an upcoming Presidential announcement
--Voicemail f

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