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The David Pakman Show - April 21, 2015

April 21, 201552 min
On the Show:
--Mike Papantonio, attorney and co-host of Ring Of Fire Radio, joins David on the 5 year anniversary of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill to discuss the disaster and the social and environmental repercussions of the spill
--The Koch brothers signal support for Scott Walker
--Jeb Bush funneled $2 billion to George W. Bush's big donors
--Chris Christie privatizes water and the media ignores it
--Forty states are expecting water shortages
--Election 2016 Tuesday: Who would you vote for today?
--The House passes a bill that would eliminate the Estate Tax and add $269 billion to the deficit
--ISIS and the Taliban announce jihad against each other
--Rebekah Gregory, a Boston Marathon bombing victim and amputee, finishes the race two years later
--Gay marriage causes abortions!
--Voicemail on engineered terrorism
–On the Bonus Show: PETA teams up with Joe Arpaio, the Kosher Switch, Gwenyth Paltrow fails at the food stamp challenge, more...
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