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The David Pakman Show - April 14, 2016

April 14, 201654 min
On the Show:
--Our investigation into the "regressive left" including the terms origins, its proper and improper uses, and failures by progressive to actually be progressive
--Republicans are still trying to kill net neutrality; a new bill titled the No Rate Regulation of Broadband Internet Access Act and was approved by the Energy and Commerce Committee last month
--Yesterday, both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton joined striking Verizon workers on the picket line in New York; only Hillary has given paid speeches to Verizon
--Documentary recommendation: The Story of Maths
--Ethan Couch, the Texas teenager who used "affluenza" as a defense in a fatal drunk driving accident back in June of 2013, is going to serve almost two years in prison
--Ted Cruz defends government overreach banning sex toys and he equates using a vibrator to hiring a prostitute
--David's culinary misadventures continue
--Voicemail on David's beer mug and House of Cards spoilers
--On the Bonus Show: The National W

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