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The David Pakman Show - April 17, 2016

April 18, 201654 min
On the Show:
--There is growing backlash over Hillary Clinton's refusal to release her Wall Street speeches
--The delegate leader has NOT received the nomination in 70% of contested conventions
--John Kasich suggested that women who are worried about sexual assault should avoid parties with alcohol
--David announces the winners of our giveaway
--Multiple Muslims are kicked off of Southwest Airline flights for no good reason
--Donald Trump supporter and former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin has again attempted to use what is supposedly her native language of English to discuss American politics; it didn't go well
--Jeremy Durham, the Tennessee State Rep who is cosponsoring a crazy transgender bathroom bill, is a predatory pervert
--Phil Bryant, the Republican Governor of Mississippi, has signed a new bill allowing guns in churches
--It seems that Americans prefer cheap foreign goods over more expensive "Made in the USA" products
--Voicemail on Trump running as Libertarian

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