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The David Pakman Show - April 12, 2017

April 12, 201754 min
--On the Show: --Ben Dixon, Host of The Benjamin Dixon Show, fills in for David --Developments continue to unfold regarding the Trump administration's decision to attack a Syrian airbase last Thursday --White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer wrongly asserts that  Adolf Hitler did not use chemical weapons on his own people --United Airlines is facing backlash over violently kicking off a passenger in response to the airline overbooking a flight --Bill O'Reilly takes an unexpected vacation, all while advertisers remove commercials from his show due to numerous sexual assault allegations --Attorney General Jeff Sessions orders the Justice Department not to renew the National Commission on Forensic Science --The FBI obtained a FISA warrant to monitor former Trump adviser Carter Page under suspicion that Page was working as a Russian foreign agent --Tensions escalate between President Trump's Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, and Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner --The North Carolina legislature introduces a futile bill to ban same-sex marriage --Alabama Governor Robert Bentley resigns amid revelations that he misused campaign funds to facilitate an affair --On the Bonus Show: The Daily Mail settles with Melania Trump, Rep. Joe Wilson hears "you lie" from his constituents, Turkey seeks to adopt a presidential system, and much more... --Become a Supporter: –Follow us on Twitter: --Subscribe on YouTube: –Like us on Facebook: -Leave us a message at The David Pakman Show Voicemail Line (219)-2DAVIDP

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