The David Pakman Show

The David Pakman Show - August 19, 2015

August 19, 201553 min
On the Show:--Marc Hyden, National Advocacy Coordinator with Conservatives Concerned about the Death Penalty, and former National Rifle Association (NRA) Campaign Field Representative in the State of Florida, joins David to discuss the conservative argument against the death penalty--Bernie Sanders slams corporate media and Republicans--Bernie Sanders blasts a NY Times Magazine reporter for asking him about his hair--The death of Samuel Harrell, a black inmate at Fishkill Correctional Facility, is ruled a homicide--Hatriot Mail--George Zimmerman's Confederate flag paintings are being sold in a "Muslim free" gun store--Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are pitching a show where they star as child sex abuse councilors--Asa Hutchinson, the Governor of Arkansas, tells DHS to end a Planned Parenthood contract--It is unconstitutional to ban the homeless from sleeping outside--Voicemail on motivating young people to vote–On the Bonus Show: Shell receives final approval to drill in the arctic, a rap

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