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The David Pakman Show - December 30, 2014

December 30, 201451 min
On the Show:
--John Lott, President of the Crime Prevention Research Center, and Evan DeFilippis, co-founder of Armed With Reason, join David to debate whether more guns actually reduce crime and whether most mass-shootings happen in gun free zones
--The war in Afghanistan formally ends
--Fox's Anna Kooiman wonders if the metric system makes international flights unsafe
--Steve Scalise, the new Republican House Majority Whip, was an honored guest at a white supremacist convention
--Obama ties Ronald Reagan in public opinion polls
--Reviewing Pat Robertson's 2014 predictions
--Jared Kreft, a 30-year-old Wisconsin man, is arrested for weed and performing oral sex on a horse
--Two Saudi women, Loujain al-Hathloul and Maysa al-Amoudi, are referred to "terror" court after driving cars
--An email on advertising medication on television
–On the Bonus Show: The Interview makes over $15 million online, a lack of sex education in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Facebook's "year in review" causes grief,

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