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The David Pakman Show - December 16, 2015

December 16, 201553 min
On the Show:--Sarah Haider, American writer, public speaker, activist and a founder of Ex-Muslims of North America, joins David to discuss her organization, her reasons for leaving Islam, and the reaction from different communities--Highlights from the final Republican primary debate--Who were the winners and losers of last night's Republican primary debate?--Hatriot Mail--Bigoted Reverend Franklin Graham, who has said that Satan is behind LGBT rights and advocacy, insisted to CNN on Tuesday that the only way to fix the U.S. government was with Christian politicians and “biblical principles”--A town council in Woodland, North Carolina rejected plans to rezone land for a solar farm for financial reasons--Voicemail on ISIS taking over...would you comply or rebel?--On the Bonus Show: NFL players are faking injuries, Chinese people are buying bottles of fresh Canadian air, a conversation with our special co-host Ben Dixon, more...--Become a Supporter:

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