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The David Pakman Show - February 5, 2015

February 5, 201550 min
On the Show:
--David Manning, Chief Pastor at Atlah world missionary church in Harlem, NYC, joins David to discuss his displeasure with President Obama, his allegations that Starbucks puts gay semen in their coffee, and why he is so strongly advocating against homosexuality
--Boko Haram fighters kill 90 people; many were burned alive
--Net Neutrality: FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler will recommend regulating ISPs under Title II
--Brain Williams admits that his aircraft was not actually hit by gunfire in Iraq
--Paul Ryan's first tax legislation would add nearly $100 billion to the deficit
--Documentary Recommendation: Hitler's Children
--California legislators want to repeal the "opt out" part of a vaccine law
--Newsmax’s Steve Malzberg says "I'm not going to vaccinate my kid so some female won't get cervical cancer"
--Republicans vote yet again to repeal Obamacare
--Pat Robertson thinks that America may not survive Obama's presidency
--Voicemail on real issues
–On the Bonus Show: Women in the

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