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The David Pakman Show - February 13, 2015

February 13, 201549 min
On the Show:
--Classic Interview: Robin Koerner, founder of and blogger at Huffington Post, joins us to discuss his article suggesting that Democrats, progressives, and independents should switch to Republican Party registration to support Ron Paul for President
--Debunking the Republican labor participation rate conspiracy
--A marijuana legalization bill is filed in Massachusetts
--Study: Stoned drivers are much safer than drunk drivers
--Flashback: Sarah Palin has crib notes written on her hands during her speech at the Tea Party Conference, and refers to them during a very friendly and tame question and answer session after her speech
--Flashback: Pope Benedict announces he will resign, he was the first Pope to resign in about 600 years
--Flashback: South Carolina removes evolution from standards
--Audience Question: How has your family and upbringing influenced your political views?
--Audience Question: What makes Louis the authority on judging whether or not pe

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