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The David Pakman Show - February 24, 2016

February 24, 201654 min
On the Show:--Attorney Mike Papantonio, co-host of Ring of Fire Radio, joins David to discuss a recent court order for Johnson & Johnson to pay millions of dollars after baby powder was linked to an ovarian cancer death--Donald Trump has over-performed polls once again and has destroyed his fellow Republican primary candidates in the Nevada caucus--Disaster at the Nevada caucus: Poll workers wearing Trump gear, ballot shortages, lack of ID checking, mass disorganization--According to polls for upcoming primaries, Donald Trump is the clear leader--Hatriot Mail--Senate Republican leaders said yesterday that there will be no confirmation hearing, no vote, and no courtesy meeting with President Obama's Supreme Court nominee--Obama unveils a new plan to close Guantanamo Bay--Donald Trump said on Tuesday, that he could murder people and his supporters would stay loyal--InfoWars broadcaster Alex Jones said that while Donald Trump’s presidential campaign makes him feel “so alive,” he is also w

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