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The David Pakman Show - January 27, 2015

January 27, 201550 min
On the Show:
--Zach Ingrasci, one of the filmmakers of Living on One Dollar, joins David to discuss the film
--Obama has reduced President Bush's $1.4 trillion deficit by 75%
--John Boehner and Mitch McConnell have no answer when asked about their alternative to Obamacare
--Obamacare will cost 20% less than predicted
--A majority of Americans still support a single payer healthcare system
--Sarah Palin's speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit is pure unhinged nonsense
--A judge strikes down Alabama's gay marriage ban and puts gay marriages on hold
--Alabama State Rep. Patricia Todd threatens to reveal the affairs of her "family values" colleagues
--Brandon Smith, a Kentucky State Senator, cites state law while trying to get his DUI thrown out
--Mike Huckabee says that there will be no violence in schools with Bibles and prayer
--Voicemail from the Eggman on magical Jews and his time in prison
–On the Bonus Show: Dennis Rodman invites Seth Rogen to North Korea, Seattle will fine you for not

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