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The David Pakman Show - January 11, 2016

January 11, 201652 min
On the Show:--Part #1 of our investigation into the voracity of creative writing professor Reza Aslan's claims about religion--Reports of New Year's Eve rape and sexual assault by Muslims are coming from multiple cities--The regressive left is quickly pointing the finger at everyone except the Muslim perpetrators after countless New Year's Eve sexual assault and rape allegations--After a six-month manhunt, drug kingpin El Chapo Guzmán was recaptured Friday in the northwestern town of Los Mochis by Mexican marines--Noteworthy Amazon items: College textbooks, Taxi Driver--The Bundy occupation of a federal installation in Oregon has now entered its second week and the militia has a funny list of demands--Bernie Sanders is looking strong in some new polls--A Muslim woman was kicked out of a Donald Trump rally over the weekend for no apparent reason--Voicemail on Black Lives Matter and the Oregon takeover--On the Bonus Show: New Delhi's new smog plans, Chicago to pay reparations to torture

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